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Thread: New Bluegrass Music Forum Is Excellent!!

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    I agree. And I think it is okay if things veer from the subject of Bluegrass. The point is, that it is a place where, Bluegrass enthusiasts can hangout. Just like this site is a place for Mandolin enthusiasts to hangout, but many things are discussed. I think it is important to let discussion be fairly free flowing. I think the point is; people passionate about Bluegrass have a place to discuss BG music and related things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan Kelsall View Post
    From Flatrock Hill - " I noticed a few of the posts weren't really bluegrass. ". Much the same as here at times then ? Ivan
    Exactly Ivan! (hence the winking smiley-face). I just figured it was just a matter of time before someone brought up that point as a serious criticism. We may all have our own ideas as to what exactly passes for Bluegrass, but there's no need to cut anyone out of the discussion. I do sincerely wish the new forum well.

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    Yes I suppose topics will veer somewhat. What is important to me is that it is a place where Bluegrass folk, I mean people who live and breathe Bluegrass music, can come together and discuss their passion, and if the topics sway off of the subject, so be it. It is still a gathering place for Bluegrass lovers.

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    Topics always make their own paths, its human nature, look, a squirrel!
    Maybe better as ...."Look, it's J.D. Crowe!"
    Timothy F. Lewis
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    Im in!

    I too know of and visit the other specialty sites.

    But i like to be adventurous.

    To me, its always first and foremost about the forum culture. Open, informed, civil, friendly, respectful ,welcoming, and..........breadth of cultural acceptance, musically and otherwise.

    I am not bluegrass folk. I play it a lot, but have many other musical passions.
    And im not into the strict traditional rigidity i have sometimes experienced.
    By default, as a mando and banjo wanna be, and guitarist, it is ...a common ground.
    I hope theres room for my ilk.

    Time will tell.

    Btw, i like the cafe a lot, and, umgf too.

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