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Thread: Festival help for someone living overseas. Which ones!

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    Default Festival help for someone living overseas. Which ones!

    I live in Thailand and started playing BG several years ago. I'm hooked!!! I'm probably an intermediate on both guitar and almost there on the mandolin. Can't sing though. LOL. But know most of the standards.

    I've got a really good group of guys here and we jam every week. Great fun. But I'd like to expand on things a bit and my friends are saying BG festivals would be a great experience for me.

    Here's the rub. I'd like to do a few in a row as it's a loooong way to go for just one festival. But I'm not sure what the best festivals would be, and ones that would be fairly close to each other. Perhaps almost back to back?

    I'll probably rent a car and get a tent for camping at the festival. I'll bring my mando, but too expensive and difficult to bring the guitar. I might buy one there and sell it before I leave. Not 100% sure about that.

    I might try to tie it into a Wernick jam class. One guy I play with is a fantastic musician. Been playing fiddle, guitar and mandolin for most of his life. His brother lives in North Carolina, so we might go together and base ourselves there. Not 100% sure about that though.

    Sorry for rambling, but I've never been to a BG festival. And need to plan this out a bit to try and save some money.


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    Default Re: Festival help for someone living overseas. Which ones!

    Off the top of my head, I know that Gettysburg BG festival and Delfest are one weekend apart and less than 100 miles distance apart.

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    Default Re: Festival help for someone living overseas. Which ones!

    I would highly recommend Delfest. You can go there for 3 full days before the festival to take part in the Delfest Academy. Then the festival itself is 4 days of a top notch festival. The following weekend is the John Hartford Memorial Festival, which was voted the most laid back festival in America. There's plenty of picking there as well. IMO, that would be the best way to go! Good luck!
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    Default Re: Festival help for someone living overseas. Which ones!

    If you have a connection in NC, I would consider the Wernick camp in Boomer NC, which is the week of Merlefest (mon to to Thursday) and then go to Merlefest after. You will get plenty of jamming at the jam camp, and Merlefest, while not exclusively bluegrass, will offer some more jamming and also a lot of bluegrass esp if you stay in one of the camp grounds at night. Last week of April.

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    Default Re: Festival help for someone living overseas. Which ones!

    Good one off festivals


    Bluegrass on the plains



    Turkey Track.

    Believe IBMA is a week or 2 before Turkey Track.?

    For October we normally Spend a Week at Turkey Track (Waldron Arkansas), Then do Blooming Bluegrass (Dallas, Tx), and finish off with Coushatte (Bellville Tx)

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