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Thread: Standard Notation for Gold Rush tune?

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    Question Standard Notation for Gold Rush tune?

    Does anyone recommend a good, simple, readable standard notation for Gold Rush?

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    Not me, it's a pretty simple "A" tune, listen to the tune, get it ingrained and figure it out. That's how I did it.
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    Rick Williams at has a free mandolin lesson for Gold Rush in notation (and tab). I bought his book after I finished with his free material. I mostly do what Timbofood does now, but Rick's versions are nice and straight

    Runningdogmusic Gold Rush for mandolin

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    Here’s another...this is a great first tune to learn by ear if you don’t already do so.
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    Thanks to all of you. The way different folks write out notation for fiddle tunes various a lot. The runningdogsmusic notation is the best I've seen. The simply mandolin slow version is very clear, and so is the one at runningdogsmusic. I have to say I'm very good and fast at learning by ear, but Gold Rush is NOT easy for me to hear! I'm going to use the notation versions I have,including runningdogsmusic, to write it out for myself that's simpler for mandolin. Whenever I encounter a tune that I find very tricky,that's what I do -- painstakingly, note by note, write it out. I did that with New Coat of Paint by Eryn Marshall, and also Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes. Both tunes that I had a lot of trouble discerning from the recordings/YouTube. And by the way, in case you haven't figured this out -- you can right click on YouTube (and other recordings sometimes) and do "loop" and it will play over and over. Plus, you can slow down YouTube to 75% or 50% speed by clicking on the "gear" image setting at the bottom of the picture.

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