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Thread: removing sharpie autograph

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    Default Re: removing sharpie autograph

    Toothpaste, with an old toothbrush works. Just take your time. We did this to a guitar at work.

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    Default Re: removing sharpie autograph

    toothpaste should do it regular Colgate, nothing fancy. if not the oil from your fingers should go it over time. but not for nothing who the hell is looking at the back of the peg head besides you ? & who signed it ?.

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    Default Re: removing sharpie autograph


    That signature may be worth a thousand bucks to the right buyer.

    If you damage the finish trying to remove it and have to refinish the back of the head, it'll probably cost you a couple hundred to have the job done right and it will devalue the mandolin a few hundred more.

    Even if you don't like his music, I'd forget about it and leave the signature. And I too, think that it is quite an artistic looking signature.

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    Default Re: removing sharpie autograph

    Tell people it's the last signed Loar.

    They can't decipher CT's sig anyway.
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    Late reply I know but I have removed red sharpie marker from a cabinet door with plain spray Lysol disinfectant. It'll run off like water color paint and not damage the lacquer.

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    Your cabinet would likely be some catalyzed finish like polyurethane. Both the sharpie and the cleaner won't touch the stuff so it's easy to clean. I once tried to remove autographs from back of Flatiron mandolin (black felt tip pen) and that soaked quite deep into the lacquer I could remove half of the color with cleaners and fine abrasives but to remove the rest I would be removing significant amount of finish as well and risk sanding through...

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