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    I found a used 1975 Nichols mandolin and I'm wondering if someone have information about them. Also I'm wondering if the price seem alright. I didn't found anything on the blue book and I have no clue what they worth. I think the price seem right because it's built with spruce and maple and I found so information about dave nichols that were poitive but I like to have information if somebody know it. Here is the link:

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    They aren't that rare. Dave builds mandolins and guitar and is known for his over the top inlay. I met him many years ago. Check out
    "Bargain instruments are no bargains if you can't play them". These are the words of J. Garber.

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    Yeah I see that website, but what I searching to know is to make sure the price is alright and also comment on how they play and sound if peoples here have play them. I heard the sound of it and like it and I'll try it out before buying, but just want to make sure of the price because there no information how they cost new.

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    It's not overpriced, and in fact I'd say that is probably a good price. It is a pretty early one and I'm not as familiar with his early work, but Dave is a good builder.
    How it plays comes down to how it is set up, how it sounds comes down to the opinion of the listener and/or player.

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    Thanks you for your reply.

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