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    Does anyone know any good teachers near Canton Ohio? I know a super great one but he is about an hour away from me. unfortunately a bit too far for my schedule.

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    Lots of teachers on Skype, if that works for you. Not everyone's cup of tea.
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    Check out the local music stores in the area, also contact school band/orchestra directors for referrals.

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    Matt Flinner online is very good instruction. Go to his website and read about the upcoming classes. NFI on my part. I only mention it because it really helped me.
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    NFI, but I highly recommend Skype lessons with Emory Lester. Excellent teacher, and a really great guy. Just the first lesson itself made a huge difference. Even if you don't want to commit to regular lessons, I think you'd learn a lot in just a lesson or two. I don't have any teachers near me for in-person lessons either and was skeptical of Skype, but it's been great!

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    I'd second both Matt and Emory's recommendation.

    I really think it's hard to beat the amount of instruction per dollar that you get working with Matt. He's a great teacher, but I found that I really prefer working one-on-one with someone who can see my problems and target them, which is why I've been working with Emory for the last couple years.Personally, I find that working in Matt's classes, he covers a LOT, so I found myself practicing what I liked/was already okay at, and moving on before I was really ready to do so. From the courses I've taken from Matt, I've learned a lot about playing in closed positions up the neck, and playing double stops, but I generally don't own the songs that we work on because we're covering new material next week. I have a huge backlog of songs that I "kind of know" from the 3 or 4 classes with Matt that I hope to get back to really working out some day.

    With Emory, he can see when I make mistakes, where I'm struggling, and help direct me to some songs or projects that I could use more help on. My questions are answered real time, and we make progress on a schedule that works for me (which is definitely slower than some folks).

    In both cases, they're great players and great people, so I'd recommend them both without any hesitation. You'll get a TON from either one.

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    I'll add my recommendation of Emory, I've been having regular Skype lessons with him for several years now and I like the one on one personal attention. I can play something or ask questions and get feedback/answers right then and there, we spend time on some things and move right along on others.

    There is no one nearby for in person instruction but Skype works great and I get instruction from a pro, I've really learned alot so I'd say check it out. If you find you don't like/jive with someone find someone else, good luck!
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