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    I'm looking for options on my ETG project. This guitar is purely for my own enjoyment, I don't care about cosmetics, it's purely a player that I adore. I want to put a new setup in it, and I've never messed with electronics before. I'm looking for Jazz guitar Grant Green Tone. The first clip is what it sounded like before, running through a cheap fender amp. I have around $300 to spend on this, and just looking for opinions on some of these perwired setups, or any setups you may think will work for an old novice acoustic banjo player like myself. Thanks you guys for any input.


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    I like the Wilde Bill Lawrence stuff and had a L45S installed on my Kentucky; I think the 200s might get you the P90-ish sounds you seem to want. Also consider the Almuse line; I totally love the Moongazer in Stealie. "The Smoothy" seems to be part of your solution; you can double with a completely different wiring configuration for some interesting options. A lot of my guitar friends really, really love the Lollar P90's and the Jazzmaster might have your name on it. Have fun!
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    A trad "Jazz" tone typically involves a hollow body type guitar, a humbucker pickup at the neck and flatwound strings.

    For amps the cleaner the better which is why solid-state are the preferred type.

    The Roland Jazz Chorus amp has been a pretty popular choice. Mike Stern used a Yamaha G100-212 for the longest time. I use a Yamaha G100-210 - same amp as Stern's just easier to move about with the smaller 10" speakers vs 12's in the 212.

    As far as effects go, splash of reverb with some subtle chorus is the usual flavor of choice. | oKee.ComX

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    Looks like fun project. Do you still have the mounting hardware from the original electronics?

    If it were me I'd put a Jazz/JB set in there. That's a Seymour Duncan Jazz pickup at the neck and a Seymour Duncan JB at the bridge. With that combo you can cover just about anything from jazz to metal.

    As far as wiring goes, the pre-wired kits come with what they come with. I'd trust Mojotone but not many others.

    That guitar is setup for traditional Les Paul controls. That means independent volume and tone controls for each pickup with a 3-way selector switch. Seymour Duncan has a ton of wiring diagrams here ->

    My fave setup is a master volume, pickup blend with individual tone controls. I use push-pull pots so I can switch the pickups from humbucker to single-coil, etc. Adds a ton of flexibility and I prefer the master volume.

    Lots of choices. If you're not handy with a soldering iron and reading wiring diagrams maybe find a buddy who is? | oKee.ComX

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    Grant Green tone was an ES330 (full hollow body) with P90s. That looks like a Casino body, should be similar in air volume as the ES330. I'd look for a Lollar set of P90's and call it good, unless you can find some vintage pickups floating around.

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    Like he says ^^ - I totally missed the Grant Green part. A P90 guy for sure...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks everyone, I'll check out all your suggestions and let you know when I get it up and running. Cool pic of Green by the way.

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