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Thread: McGuire Mandolins?

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    Hi everyone, just seeing if anyone has any experience with McGuire Mandolins out of Hardy VA. Anyone out there played one, knows someone who has one etc. that can comment on them tonally? Any info would be very much appreciated.

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    Are you thinking of buying this one form the classifieds for $900?
    Looks to be a nice instrument.
    Here's a video that I found of it. Sounds pretty good to me.

    Looks like pricing on those start at $1200!pricing
    I'm frankly amazed that a hand built F5, USA made, would go for that low.

    I contacted the seller. I was going to take a chance on it at that price, but decided not to buy, due to the flat fingerboard. Some people love a flat fretboard, some don't. I've bought several great sounding mandolins that didn't have radiused fingerboards, thinking I'd get used to it, but it never happened.

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