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    I thought I'd pass this along and share it. I was doing a repair for a customer on a 2013 PRS Angelus SE Custom acoustic/electric guitar. It is a made in Korea guitar, not a super expensive guitar, but a nice, well-made guitar. The weak point of the design is that the input jack is part of a molded plastic plate containing the jack and the battery box. Apparently the customer either bumped the jack with the cord plugged in or sat the guitar down with the cord plugged in and cracked the jack plate. He had tried to repair it himself with super glue or something but that didn't hold. On top of that it looked bad. It was time for a new jack/battery box plate. WELL, the unit is stamped PRS, but I figured it was made by Fishman or someone for PRS -- anyway, after quite a bit of searching online I couldn't find the exact part to order. As a last effort, I called PRS customer service and spoke to Shawn in the repair department. He said the jack plate/battery box was sold only as part of the preamp and pickup system and they sold it for $100. Before I could respond, he said, "wait a minute I just found a jack plate/battery box in my parts box and I will send it to you -- no charge!" I thanked him and he took my name and address and a couple days later I had it installed on the customer's guitar. The customer is already a PRS fan and owns three PRS guitars. I really thought that was great customer service, considering that I was merely the repairman and not the original owner. Now I am a PRS fan, also!

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