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Thread: ''Stringbusters'' UK - A question !

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    Default Re: ''Stringbusters'' UK - A question !

    I saw they were dearer & was wondering why. But I’m in experimentation mode seeing how different the heavier strings would be from the current set of MD11 I have on there. I won’t be swapping for a while yet as they seem to last me very well in terms of keeping their brightness, so much so I swapped the last MD11 ones over to the Kentucky and they’re still going well.

    It’s nice to have a couple of buying options now.

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    Default Re: ''Stringbusters'' UK - A question !

    I put DR MD112's on my larger than standard Lebeda F5 & found that the heavier G / D strings needed picking harder to get the same volume = common sense. They weren't as 'clean' sounding either,they sounded just a tad 'too rounded off'. I went back to MD11's,picked harder on those & got the extra volume that i'd hoped for with the MD12's + a clearer tone.

    The DR's are a stronger souinding string,but since i've been using the Dunlop Primetone picks,i found that i don't need them on my Weber,EJ74's sound terrific on it at slightly less cost, & much easier availability in the UK. I put a set of EJ74's on my Ellis "A" style,& honestly,they didn't suit it. GHS A270's sound great on that on,but i intend to try a set of MD11's on it once more. I put a set on it when i first got it & 'to me',it sounded very good indeed. I'm simply trying to rationalise my string buying. Currently i'm buying DR MD11's ' EJ74's & A270s'. If i can get to 2 brands/gauges i'll be ok. I'm having to get my A270's from Germany,so if the MD11's still sound good to my ears on the Ellis,i can get those in the UK along with my EJ74's,
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