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Thread: Some renewed appreciation

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    Default Some renewed appreciation

    Having spent some time now on a couple of other sites using (I think) the same basic software or very similar as this one, I much better appreciate some of the decisions you have made early on.

    No "community forum" for non mandolin threads.

    Wow does this get abused. And if left in its own forum would not be a problem but it leaks out into every other forum in the way a culture of quick wit and satirical snarkiness gets applied to even the subject relevant threads.

    I totally get it. No "community forum" and continued tight management of non-mandolin threads. It makes this world better for all of us, (and decreases irrelevant and wasteful use of bandwidth I would think.)

    No moving avatars. Wow do they clutter up the screen Total distraction and tends to bring down the seriousness, in my recent experience.

    Quick and effective management of inappropriate words or attempts to get through the filters to express inappropriate content. One or two benign exceptions get through and before you know it the whole forum is not something you want to share with your friends. I watched this happen and it was frighteningly fast.

    Keep up all you do that we don't know about and kudos on the prior decisions we may not fully appreciate.
    Indulge responsibly!

    The entire staff

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    Default Re: Some renewed appreciation

    I would like to add my appreciation. Anyone who was a member of the Flatpick-L e mail list knows how quickly and badly the discussion can get out of hand. That forum was a valuable resource for guitarists and mandolinists throughout the late 1990s and 2000s until one day someone posted a comment about a particular musical figure alluding to a controversial social, political, religious issue. People jumped in on both sides of the fence arguing and one by one stomped off quitting the list. The number of posters dropped to near zero and the prominent musicians who participated no longer posted. The list was effectively destroyed on account of one single post. The strict moderation of this site has kept the wars from starting.

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    Default Re: Some renewed appreciation

    +1 on the two posts above. Mandolin Cafe has been my go-to site on a regular basis for over 14 years. Huzzah to Scott and the gang for keeping it excellent.

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