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Thread: Tenor bridge pin/string gauge mismatch

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    Default Tenor bridge pin/string gauge mismatch

    Hoping someone has some good advice here...

    I just got a 1929 Gibson Tenor, and I want to tune it GDAE, so I'm trying to put a .045 gauge string in here for the G... and the hole won't allow this to work with the original bone pin (non-grooved).

    What are my options? The string that was installed was, I think, a .024...

    Seems to me I could buy grooved pins, enlarge the hole/slot, or..?

    The leading edge of the hole is pretty well grooved - the string on here that I just took off was lodged pretty well in the groove - do I just want to use the .045 gauge string as a file to increase that groove size? I'm not super familiar with instruments using non grooved bridge pins, and the age of the instrument makes me hesitant to try anything too aggressive.



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    Default Re: Tenor bridge pin/string gauge mismatch

    Non-groved pins are better for the bridge plate and help prevent the ball ends from digging into the plate as the grooved pins wear. I don't see any problem using a grooved pin to see it you want to play it that way. If you like it and want to keep that tuning, simply watch the pin over the years and when it starts to bend and wear replace it. I wouldn't alter the guitar.

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    I remembered I had a spare set of grooved pins, so I threw them in there - working fine.

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