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Thread: DIY copy carver.

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    Default DIY copy carver.

    Seems to be the cheapest and easiest way to get yourself a duplicarver. Has anyone built this one? Plans are at

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    Default Re: DIY copy carver.

    Haven't built one, but it does look like a good, affordable shop-built solution.
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    Default Re: DIY copy carver.

    That looks really interesting.

    Setup is everything on this.
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    Default Re: DIY copy carver.

    I built mine directly from the copy carver plans in still works good. Saves me a lot of rough out time.

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    Default Re: DIY copy carver.

    I bought a commercial version of the unit, very nice, comes in handy when roughing out plates / necks / bodies.


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    Default Re: DIY copy carver.

    I built one around '05 ..worked great for roughing tops, backs and copying F holes. Graduated to small CNC a couple years ago..would have kept it if I had the room..

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    Default Re: DIY copy carver.

    Duplicarvers are pretty old tech, used to see them for sale in like Mechanics Illustrated Magazine..

    a luthier friend scored a front/back pair of aluminum F5 patterns BITD, at the Parson's St Moving sale..

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    Default Re: DIY copy carver.

    You could cast a set of aluminum F5 plates for under $50 at one of the small artisan shops pretty easy. I use the Cattail Foundry in Pennsylvania often.

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