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Thread: FRETBOARD JOURNAL Interview: Aaron Weinstein

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    Default FRETBOARD JOURNAL Interview: Aaron Weinstein

    Hi there. Chords and such discussed in an interview I did with FRETBOARD JOURNAL.

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    Default Re: FRETBOARD JOURNAL Interview: Aaron Weinstein

    Great article. I'm not sure about how hard it is to play jazz guitar chords though.
    Yes, if you're trying to play chord melody or support ballads. I play Freddie Green
    style rhythm based on 3 note chords. Not at all hard to learn, and it really improved
    my ability to 'play the changes' soloing on violin and mandolin.
    Also, "rhythm guitarist" is another reason to hire me. :^)

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    Default Re: FRETBOARD JOURNAL Interview: Aaron Weinstein

    I started my jazz guitar journey with a Mickey Baker guitar chord book...... there were some chords that I just couldn't reach .... it took me awhile but I learned that there was always a tone that could "step in". I met guitarist Dan Crary at a music Kamp I attend and asked him to hold up his hand next to mine...... It was obvious why he was playing things in a manner that was beyond my capabilities..... So it goes. R/
    I love hanging out with mandolin nerds . . . . . Thanks peeps ...

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    Default Re: FRETBOARD JOURNAL Interview: Aaron Weinstein

    Plus, some of those chords on Mandolin can be a stretch for me. But i appreciate Aaron's playing, one of my absolute favorites for sure. Thanks for all your support on this site.

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