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    Thought I'd throw this down before it starts snowing, and Snow blowers ringing in my ears. Much snow forecast for here. If you've never heard Sonny Rollins play St. Thomas, go have a listen right now, and really warm your ears up. The head is harder than it sounds, as evidence by my struggle, but what a fun tune. Enjoy the snow everyone, and be safe.

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    Hey, that's a nice one, Dave! I recorded this on 6-string acoustic about 5 years ago. Not a tenor video, I know, but here 'tis (just for fun):

    A tune which started life as an English folk song called "The Lincolnshire Poacher" and then travelled to the Caribbean and then the US Eastern seaboard!

    By the way, it's sunshine, birdsong and daffodils over here on the UK south coast. Whereabouts are you in the States to have snow still on the agenda?

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    Thanks Will, and great version! Love it.

    I'm in the mountains of north central Pa. Looking for 2 feet, or possibly more of snow in the next couple days. Its going to be nasty. Enjoy your spring! Smell some flowers for us won't you Will!


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    Thanks Granger. Still snowing. for fun 3rd solo open for beginner modal. start any note, any pattern.

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