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    Default Electric Notation

    Is there a standard notation in which electric folks write down which pedals and how they are set for a particular piece.

    If I were to come up with something really interesting, and you said, cool send me a copy, well I can get you the notes in standard notation or tab. I can send you the chords, or even a Nashville style chart.

    But all the rest, which pedals I have and how they are set and when I put this in and take that out and wah this back... short of playing for you, is there a standard way I to indicate what I am doing that electric folks would all understand and set up to play on their rig? Or do folks just take a picture of their pedal boards and email it?
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    Default Re: Electric Notation

    I doubt it.

    I used to run the band for a Cirque du Soleil show, and for a while I had a guitarist who was super-fluent with all that electric guitar notation -- prebends, whammy bar bends, everything. He re-notated the guitar score, and he put in things like patch numbers on the midi'd guitar synth pedal board, but other than that, there was nothing more than just "distortion" or "swell reverb pedal" and other seemingly-vague directions.

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    Default Re: Electric Notation

    All that notational stuff is in the transcriptions in the guitar mags like Guitar For The Practicing Musician or Guitar World. Or in the transcription books for Hendrix, Santana, Knopfler etc. etc.

    They probably don't have pedal settings, but you'll get all the bending/releases, whammy bar in either the standard notation and/or the guitar tab.

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