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Thread: Andrew Hendryx Band and Yarn

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    Can someone here help clear up some confusion for me? I discovered Andrew Hendryx looking through some old searches here at the Cafe. I found a couple of jazz based albums which don't seem to available anywhere on the net so I contacted him by email.

    Then learned about Yarn and watched several two of the linked videos from live performances and some sound files. But when I looked for Yarn on iTunes to buy the group there sounds completely different, much more country and much less of the jam band style on the videos.

    Also looked for Andrew Hendryx on iTunes without luck. Getting ready to go over to BandCamp for a look around.

    Anyone have any info? Are there two different Yarn bands? Links to download albums or songs for the one AH is in would be great. Thx.

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    Default Re: Andrew Hendryx Band and Yarn

    Andrew Hendryx left Yarn a little less than 2 years ago.
    Here's what he's up to:

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    I see this post is a bit dated but I am going to answer anyway. I am a huge Yarn fan. Andrew played with a couple of outfits called either Andrew Hendryx Band or Andrew Hendryx and friends prior to starting with Yarn. I believe these were not really bands per se but more of pickup ensembles. It was in this context that he had a weekly residency at Kenny's Castaway's in New York where he started playing with Blake and Trevor and eventually formed Yarn. I'm not terribly familiar with pre-Yarn Andrew Hendryx but I believe he went to App. State and considered himself a jazz mandolinist. I would guess the recordings you are referring to are pre-Yarn.

    Andrew was a part of Yarn from their formation in 2006(ish) until leaving in May of 2015. The Yarn sound definitely changed some after he left. They've kind of always labeled themselves alt-country but definitely had a bit more bluegrass influence when Andrew was there.

    The albums are definitely not as jammy as their live shows, but definitely have the mando on them. Albums are Yarn, Leftovers Volume 1, Leftovers Volume 2, Shine the Light On, Come on In, Almost Home, and Empty Pockets. The only Yarn album which Andrew is not on is the most recent "This is the Year."

    I would suggest Youtube and/or the Live Music Archive between 2007-early 2015 are the best source to really hear Andrew featured on mandolin. Here's one quick video:

    There are lots more.

    Since leaving Yarn Andrew has played with various bands, I believe there are some good recordings of some good shows he did with DangerMuffin.

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    Also, if you go over to the Yarn site:, you can stream most of the songs, you can buy, and if you click through to the lyrics I believe Blake has published chords for most of their songs on there.

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