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Thread: Can anyone tell me more about this mandolin?

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    Default Can anyone tell me more about this mandolin?

    So I recently purchased a Morgan Monroe F-M1 Natural and I love it - however, I know virtually nothing about it. I bought it at an online yardsale and the link below is the only thing I can find on this exact model. I posted the only link I found below with pictures of the mandolin. This site had it listed for $898.00 and gave some detail about the build, but nothing you can't tell by looking at the instrument. Does anyone has any more insight? Thanks!


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    Default Re: Can anyone tell me more about this mandolin?

    Maybe someone will respond who owns or has owned one of these. Failing that, there's not much to tell about it bedsides reading the specs. It's made in China, uses solid woods and looks nice; you say you love it, so I assume it plays well? Sounds good? Setup is just the way you like it?

    It is a very pretty instrument from the pics. I like the natural finish. I'd suppose that if it were setup with a nice low action and had good intonation, I'd be happy to play it - but until I played it, I wouldn't know if the sound of that one would float my boat.

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