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Thread: Bouzouki tuning - anyone ever tried this one??

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    Default Bouzouki tuning - anyone ever tried this one??

    I got my Hullah bouzouki nearly 30 years ago - I knew very little about playing them, so ended up tuning it DGCF - straight fourths. I'm primarily a bass player, so it seemed to make sense as the DGBE courses of a 12 string guitar, but with the same fingering as the EADG courses.

    Has anyone else ever done this? Is it sacrilege? Am I a secret pioneer?

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    Default Re: Bouzouki tuning - anyone ever tried this one??

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Lister View Post
    ... Is it sacrilege? Am I a secret pioneer?
    Can't speak to bouzouki specifically, but (IMO) there's no sacrilege in music, just play what sounds good.

    Disclaimer: I have a long history of retuning instruments to suit my own preferences, starting when I was a kid and I picked up my dad's old 12-string guitar to see what it would do. Spent a few days learning normal guitar chords, ok so I'd got that accomplished and I was bored again, what to do... aha! I know, I'll tune it in fifths and play fiddle tunes (I already played fiddle and GDAE tenor banjo and tenor guitar, so that was a natural/obvious choice lol). So the 12-string got 4 of its string sets retuned to GDAE. Mind you this was back in the neolithic period before this sort of thing was common.

    Point of all this long-winded ramble, play what *you* like the sound of.

    Chances are your audience might like the sound of it too, and (if anything) it's the audience's opinion that matters, not the purists who might object to such experimentation.

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