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Thread: Mandolinetto Ukulele shaped guitar

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    Default Mandolinetto Ukulele shaped guitar

    I am building a mandolinetto (guitar shaped mandolin) The body shape is based on the Martin tiple plan published by the Guild of American Luthiers. I am using a 13.75 inch scale and a 10 fret neck. Walnut back and sides and a cedar top. Any tips?
    Dave Schneider

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    Default Re: Mandolinetto Ukulele shaped guitar

    No tips, Dave, but it should be a cool project. I've restored 2 of these, a Regal and an American Conservatory and they are a lot of fun. One was birch, one rosewood. Both with spruce tops. It should be interesting to hear the sound of the Walnut. The rosewood one I worked on has a fuller, deeper sound than the birch one. I'd think the Walnut would be somewhere in between, leaning towards the rosewood tone... just a guess.

    Please keep us posted!

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    Default Re: Mandolinetto Ukulele shaped guitar

    I've built a handful of mandolinettos based on an old Lyon and Healy. My only tip I can think of right off the bat is to tuck your top braces under the linings so the downward pressure on the flat top has less of a chance to pop loose braces. Feel free to message me with any questions. Have fun!

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    Default Re: Mandolinetto Ukulele shaped guitar

    I assume that these are built with an induced arch in the top and back? If so, what is the radius?

    A bunch of stuff with four strings

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