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Thread: Punch brothers My oh My?

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    Hi everyone! I'm new to the site since I just recently picked up the mandolin.

    I'm looking for an accurate tab/chord sheet for My Oh My by the punch brothers, anyone got something?


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    A lead sheet transcription of My Oh My is at the bottom of this post. I hope you find it helpful.

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    Default Re: Punch brothers My oh My?

    Paul, that is really incredible work you put together in your analysis of My Oh My. I really learned a lot and appreciate how much effort it must have taken to pull that song apart and see how it works. Good luck to anyone trying to work this one up; it's not easy!

    One lyrical question for everyone: on V2 m. 16, I hear "'Cause we can't listen to everyone if we're gonna hear ourselves sing." Which seems to make sense with the logic of "Let freedom vibrate not ring" from the previous line. Anyone else hear it that way?

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    Thanks! What started out as a single transcription has turned into a slight obsession as I am consistently surprised and inspired by their writing and compositional skill.

    And thanks for catching that wrong lyric, it is "can't". I spend so much time listening to the notes that I sometimes forget to think about the lyrics! I will make that change to the transcription.

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