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Thread: Pegasus case questions

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    Default Pegasus case questions

    I have a new-to-me Pegasus case, which I love. But I'm having a tough time dealing with the lack of storage. Two things in particular are confusing me, and I'd love any thoughts from folks familiar with these cases:

    * Tuner: A Snark won't fit in to the case, so I bought a D'Addario NS Micro. I don't like the D'Addario tuner -- it's really imprecise and I always end up borrowing someone's Snark (or similar) to correct tuning. Are there any tuners that a) are recommended and b) fit into a Pegasus?

    * Humidification: I have a mandolin Dampit but am not crazy about how little water they hold and I don't love sticking the thing inside the body of the mandolin. Should I worry less and just embrace the Dampit? I've always done the soapdish/Altoid case + sponge system in larger cases I have, but that won't fit in a Pegasus (nor will a film canister).

    I know these are really dinky questions, but I figure that if anyone has thoughts or answers, it would be the folks on this forum. Thanks for any help you all can provide

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    Default Re: Pegasus case questions

    I have owned 4 , 2 F's & 2 A's. I have always had smalldog case covers on them. They have a zippered pouch for storage. I have been using the Peterson strobe app on my iPhone and no longer own a tuner. As far as humidifier , I store my mandolins display cabinet that I keep a small drinking glass with a damp sponge in. You might try one of those humidifier that fit in a violin case, I think that they are slimmer and should fit.

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    Default Re: Pegasus case questions

    A Peterson StroboClip SC-1 fits (just barely) folded flat in the compartment of my Pegasus F case, along with a few spare picks. Extra string packets go in the upper compartment. A TC Polytune will also fit easily in that center compartment. Either of those tuners is much better (IMO) than a Snark tuner, and priced accordingly.

    I don't humidify inside my case, but it's a pretty tight seal, so I imagine the Dampit wouldn't be a problem with a small moisture supply. An alternative DIY solution might be a small zip-lock plastic bag with a folded cotton cloth inside. Fold it flat enough to fit inside the upper compartment lid. Moisten the cloth and poke a few tiny holes in the bag.

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    Default Re: Pegasus case questions

    I have 2 storage places on mine , under the Neck Cradle and Behind the Headstock..

    Columbia River is in Sight, 2 blocks from my front door,

    so I don't understand why your need to add humidity ?

    Humidified room with the case slightly Open At home should do it ..

    Close the case when you go Out and The rubber gasket edges will retain what it absorbed ..
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    Default Re: Pegasus case questions

    As Foldedpath says, the TC Polytune fits in easily. No problem. Excellent tuner too. Leagues better than either the Snark or the NS Micro.

    Regarding case humidifiers.... these have very, very limited effects. In fact, I think the placebo effect is the main effect. I did some quite extensive tests on these a few years ago. We implanted humidity data-loggers in cases and measured the results with and without. There were a number of findings... one is that the 'block' kind perform worst. The most effective are the 'rubber snake' kind that go through a soundhole - but these come with some risk of damage if over-wet. Also, a general finding, the small amount of humidity they do produce tends to be localized, trapped, within the static air in the case - so a humidifer up by the neck has virtually no effect on the body.

    The only really effective method is whole room, or 'display case' large area humidification using fan assist to evenly distribute the vapor.
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