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    Default Back up rhythm tracks

    Just started trying to focus on playing more with rhythm tracks. What are some of the best tracks to use free or paid . I am using some of the Peghead nation tracks as I learn material but some tunes I have learned might not be on there. Also varying speeds some of the Flatpicker Apprentice were just a tad too fast. Also can you put these tracks to use with Amazing Slow Downer program types?

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    Check out The Strum Machine. Can change the tempo as fast or slow as you like. Really easy to make your own chord progressions too. It does cost about $5/month, but they have a free 30-day trial, so nothing to lose. I'm hooked!

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    I also love Strum Machine. I use it every day.

    You can change key or speed instantly. Unlike the slow-down programs I've used, the track always sounds like an normal acoustic guitar, even at very slow speeds. You can create your own chord progressions, to fit any song/tune, and experiment with what various progressions sound like. I've created my own progressions to practice chords, as well as to improvise solos over the chords. Now there's an automatic speed-up option, which lets you have the tempo speed up a bit every time through.

    Using the key-change feature, I also use it to find the best singing key for me for a particular song. Now it also has a Nashville Number System option, which I find very helpful in connecting theory and playing together.

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    You can probably find a dozen or so good options to choose from. Recently (about a month ago) I read about the strum machine site and tried it, and have used it every day. I was able to easily add chord progressions for every tune I wanted to practice that wasn't already listed there.

    The other thing I do is use a program called Transcribe! to learn or practice with virtually any video or audio track. It is a "slow down" program with cool features that costs less than "amazing slowdowner" and for me has preferable features.
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    Default Re: Back up rhythm tracks

    That seems to be a tough thing to google (which turns up few recent results), but do you want to record your own on guitar?
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    Default Re: Back up rhythm tracks

    My friend makes his own on his boss rc-30 pedal
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    Default Re: Back up rhythm tracks

    Check out if you haven't already. Lots of bluegrass and old time tracks, and you can slow some of them down.

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    Default Re: Back up rhythm tracks

    Peghead Nation has some great backing tracks, played by Scott Nygaard, costs 20 bucks a month and you get a lesson with it, but the backing tracks are great,

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