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Thread: interesting double neck mandolin guitar by ESP

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    Default interesting double neck mandolin guitar by ESP

    I kinda like it but for the price i have to pass. I am a big ESP fan my favorite electric guitar is my ESP KH-1 it's a great guitar. This is what he says. NFI

    From my personal collection comes this one of a kind ESP. Crafted especially to show the the unlimited potential for custom order ESPs. This guitar was centerpiece of the Big Boss display for years. A piece of ESP history for sure. As you can see it is two Forest guitars in conjoined twin style. All done by hand.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: interesting double neck mandolin guitar by ESP

    Almost looks like the Mandolin is docking into the guitar edge, but is removable.
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    Default Re: interesting double neck mandolin guitar by ESP

    He's probably asking what he paid. Probably gonna be on the market awhile.

    Odd that such a pricey piece has ESP's housebound pickups in it.
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    Default Re: interesting double neck mandolin guitar by ESP

    I think the upper guitar horn would get in the way of the mandolin fretboard from the looks of it. | oKee.ComX

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    Default Re: interesting double neck mandolin guitar by ESP

    Yuck. Looks awkward.
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