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Thread: An open letter to Classifieds users

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    Default Re: An open letter to Classifieds users

    On the top menu bar you'll see a selection that says Donate.
    "Bargain instruments are no bargains if you can't play them". These are the words of J. Garber.

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    Thumbs up Here's to you Scott.


    I sold a mandolin a while back using the classifieds, and have used them on and off since the 90's. I wanted to send a payment (wasn't a real expensive one), but didn't see an easy way to do so. I was thinking I would send payment when I purchased a cap, but the system didn't allow that. I don't like using paypal much and have no balance there.... I would be happy to send payment now, but please direct me to a way to do that. You are the best, and MandolinCafe is the best.

    Richard Bailey

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    Default Re: An open letter to Classifieds users

    Thanks for your support. There's a link shown below on every Classifieds page, plus a separate section with a link and donate graphic in the middle of the page with every Classified screen anytime there's an ad submission, edit or delete.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ya know this got me thinking it's time to donate a few bucks again not because I sold something but because I use this site a lot ! And actually got on a newbie yesterday who was looking for Free mando lessons I was polite and told him "nobody works for free" I think the majority of site users would or maybe they do donate too keep this site going but probably like me they get busy and just forget. With that said how about shooting out blast email to remind us to chip in a few bucks once or twice a year. Hopefully if you did that it wouldn't be more work for free !
    Thanks for keeping this site going

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    Default Re: An open letter to Classifieds users

    The main local guitar store here charges 25%. charges something like 6%. Craigslist is free and not moderated, and therefore a scammers' mosh pit. Ebay forces buyers and sellers to use Paypal, another racket.

    There are other sites that seem to be managed better than Craig's and are free, like TDPRI and Harmony Central. But they have access to a lot more advertising dollars than a mando-dedicated site can ever hope for - like much bigger Fender, Taylor, and Gibson bucks, for instance.

    So all things considered, at 2% for a moderated classified section, Mandolin Cafe is a sweet deal, indeed.

    Your letter should have cleared the air. If it didn't, nothing will!

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    Default Re: An open letter to Classifieds users

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Tichenor View Post
    I'm typically not one to engage in open letters to the community, but something has been gnawing at my brain for a very long time. A few days ago I was contacted by a buyer with a question regarding a transaction with a well known seller with a lot of transactions. This resulted in several hours of my time invested in resolving the situation amicably so that the sale stuck. That's my job, but I also do it without pay most of the time, and when I'm putting in hours of free time for the benefit of a seller with a history of not supporting the site or supporting it poorly that makes me very unhappy.

    The individual I dealt with expressed surprise in my tone of voice. He was right. This has been building for a long time and rather than shooting a dart at one person I thought more therapeutic to share that email here composed to no specific name. So allow me to engage in a bit of therapy, and I do need to get this off my chest.

    This is not meant to be a "roll call" for those that have contributed fairly or those that have not. Just read it and think about it. If I could be assured of that much I'd be pleased.


    Dear (name removed)

    Let me explain part of my displeasure with your use of the Classifieds. As much as you use them I think you deserve as much. I apologize if my contact the other day sounded a bit harsh. I have very good reason. I thought about not saying anything but I really think I should get this off my chest, and it's clear I need to. I don't like harboring ill feelings. It's unhealthy, so allow me to engage in a bit of therapy.

    It has always been a part of the Classifieds policy that we ask for a 2% donation back to the Mandolin Cafe to offset operating expenses on successful sales. Maybe you're under the impression the Cafe rolls in money and that this all happens by magic and that no effort is involved. Not the case. I can't begin to calculate how much protection sellers and buyers benefit from every day, the scams and bad sellers that attempt contact you'll never hear from. It all looks like it's wide open, doesn't it? That's the beauty. You're being protected at every use and the people trying to take advantage of you never find out, and neither do you. Site security is a 24-hour operation because people wanting to take advantage are knocking on the door round the clock. Dan Beimborn and I have invested hundreds of hours in the security of the Classifieds, and because of those efforts we're as close to fraud free as Classifieds and sales resources get on the internet. I compensate Dan quite well for his work. That's my opinion, I think he'd agree, and he's welcome to weigh in.

    Continually dipping the hand in the cookie jar and not supporting the site or sub-par contributing is little more than poor taste. Successful resources on the internet come at a price. They're not free, and it doesn't appear there by magic. It's the result of hard work, diligence and showing up every day, multiple times to make sure it's right. Holidays included.

    The Classifieds are the way they are by design. They're intended as a perk for site visitors.

    Let me make this very clear: I have no interest in engaging in forced up front PayPal or credit card payments or the possession of your credit card number in return for the privilege of placing or replying to an ad.

    If you contact us with a concern about a Classified ad, a human answers--me. Try that at Reverb, eBay or Craig's List. Two of those don't let you off without paying.

    I'd like to think this is just an oversight, but I know from the numbers of people that engage in this that it's just in poor taste.

    I love running this web site and there are many benefits. I will continue to do so, but seeing people use the Classifieds continually and not supporting us in return is just sad. So, you asked a question and I answered.

    Scott Tichenor
    Mandolin Cafe
    Since 1995
    Thank you for so eloquently describing your position. In support of Mandolin Cafe's excellent service, I've successfully posted Classified Ads on Mandolin Cafe, am very grateful for the service you provide and have gladly paid for it. It's worth every dime of the portion you rightly deserve. Unfortunately, there are always those who mis-use, mistreat and take advantage of the good-hearted, honest souls of this world. However, I respectully disagree with your good-natured wording quoted here: "Continually dipping the hand in the cookie jar and not supporting the site or sub-par contributing is little more than poor taste". "Poor taste" is it what it is..."S-T-E-A-L-I-N-G". Perhaps it would be helpful to make your site visitors blatantly aware of the site's operational policies. I think you have every right to put it right up front in big red capital letters and find ways to make it tougher for the bad guys to mis-use the system. After all, like the bad guys, you are human, you are a fellow musician and you don't deserve that treatment. Moreover, THEY DON'T DESERVE your good service!!!
    R. Perry, Rochester NY

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    Default Re: An open letter to Classifieds users

    Quote Originally Posted by rjperry5 View Post
    ... you are a fellow musician...
    And a darned *good* musician too, I heard a recording somewhere last year of Scott playing. I wasn't expecting him to sound that good, I had thought he just runs a website and tries to keep us rummies from straying too far out of line. Turns out he plays good *and* runs a website. Cool!

    Not kissing up, just stating my observation. The usual NFI etc etc.

    Ok, off to my corner now, since I'm off-topic (again).

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    Default Re: An open letter to Classifieds users

    I have not read all this thread so what Im about to say may be in here. Im new to the cafe. I am long time banjo player and member of the Banjo Hangout for years. I have bought and sold a good amount there and have no problem with the way the donation thing works. There its 2% or $75 which ever is the less. I dont know if its a flat 2% here or not. I haven't tried to figure it out yet. Im having fun with recently finally getting me a mandolin after all these years. Love my Bluegrass! EE

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