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Thread: New Stiernberg Soundslice chord/melody lesson series

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    Thumbs up New Stiernberg Soundslice chord/melody lesson series

    Another winning series of jazz mandolin lessons from Don. I have NFI (and my wife thinks I spend too much on mandolin, anyway), just a lot of interest as a player. Don starts by walking through what can be done with major, minor, dominant, diminished, augmented chord shapes, enharmonic substitutions and turn-arounds, then presents several original pieces to illustrate principles of chord/melody mandolin in "Jethro" style. As always, he emphasizes building blocks that can be used to enhance almost any style of mandolin playing in this series of lessens, and expands the tool box for folks who bang away at the mandolin like I do most days.

    Both of Don's prior lessons on Soundslice have helped me get out of ruts, and a preliminary run thru of this series indicates that this will be no exception.

    Soundslice has a pretty cool interface: video and audio tracks that can be slowed down, looped, or transposed into different keys, and transcriptions that can be printed or transposed & printed... I have used many of these tools on his previous courses and plan on using them for this lesson series. Can't wait to dig in...

    Way to go Don!

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    Default Re: New Stiernberg Soundslice chord/melody lesson series

    I purchased the first two lessons in the series and am really satisfied. The amount of information within the lessons is robust.

    I also had an issue with my log-in, and the Soundslice folks fixed everything very quickly. So great customer service. I'll likely get number 3 as well, but for now I am still repeatedly watching and learning from Don's first two lessons.

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    Default Re: New Stiernberg Soundslice chord/melody lesson series

    That's good to hear and I really dig the Soundslice interface. And a shout out to it's creator, Adrian Holovaty. He's a super nice guy and a really fine gyspy jazz style guitarist.

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