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Thread: Info on Kentucky KM-350s

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    A local store has a used Kentucky KM-350s for sale. Seems like a good deal at $250, but no case. I checked some eBay completed items for comparision and see that some have sold (used) for as little as $130, even though the retail price is fairly high for this model. Current model is available new on Amazon for $429 with free shipping. Basically, I'm asking are there variations of this model that I should be aware of? It is marked on the inside sticker, Made in China. It does has the long fingerboard extension like an A5/F5, rather than the more abbreviated style that seems to be currently offered. I assume the "s" indicates solid wood, but it was fairly hard to tell by looking at the f-holes due to the rather thick finish. The back has a fairly non-exciting mis-matched flame maple, but very mild amount of flame--quite plain. Well, more on one side than the other. I assume the finish is poly? The action is high, but I can take care of that. Neck is straight. Anyway, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    HI Jeff,

    The KM-350 was discontinued a few years back. Amazon's would not be current. You can rarely date these by the serial number, but the later version were better than earlier versions. From around 2007 (these are the best of them) on these had the abbreviated fingerboard extension. previous to that they would have had at the full extension as you are describing. The first Chinese versions were not great, they got progressively better up until being dropped from the line.

    It should be a nitro Finish. $250 seems like a good deal, if it sounds good and has no issues. For reference, these were better than the KM-150 models of the same era, but a current KM-150 will blow it away. Just wanted make things more complicated for you.
    Robert Fear

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    Thanks, Robert! I appreciate the information.

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    Any idea what model Saga considered as a replacement for the 350 when they discontinued it? Of course, from what Robert says about the current KM-150s, a model number might well be irrelevant.

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    There really isn't a replacement for the 350/380. These had been somewhat unique for quite a few years as a hold out from the old factory. The 250 made a jump to a new factory back in 2007 (I think)and then again in 2014/15, the 350 was never produced by the new factories. The last model that would have been at all similar was the early 2012 KM-150 (these changed mid-2012).
    Robert Fear

    "Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't.
    " - Pete Seeger

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