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    I'm new to this Forum. Recently I'm looking to buy my first mandolin and did some research online. Kind of decided to buy either Eastman MD-305 (if I have little bit more money can waste) or Kentucky KM-150 (to save some on the first one). Don't know if this idea is reasonable.

    Anyway, I saw this mandolin in local Music & Arts store (Cary, NC), it has the exact same looking as MD-305, priced at $499, but through the left f hole, you could see the label saying "la-305" with serial number, instead of all printed information (like in all MD-305), "la-305" and serial number are handwritten, other info on the label looks exactly the same as normal Eastman label. I couldn't find any info about this model online. Is there anybody knows about this model or has seen this model before?

    Thanks for your help!

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    The people at the Eastman website said that the chain "Music and Arts" carries the MD 305 as the LA 305, for their own marketing purposes. Spec-wise, they are the same.

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    Yes, you should be good to go with it!

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    I'm pretty sure that Whistlearrow hasn't been waiting on our reply for 2 years before he made his decision...

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