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    Hi guys. I am looking to buy a pickup/mic for my Ashbury celtic mandolin. It is an A style mandolin with round (quite small) soundhole. I would like to keep it about the 80 mark if possible with easy ability to attach and remove and to play along with fiddle, whistle and guitar. Any suggestions?


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    Have you considered just using a normal stage dynamic mic? That is the most flexible solution to this issue, with this setup you can mic anything you choose to play and/or your voice; you just need the mic, and a stand and a cable.

    -- Don

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    Well at that price it is a bit of a stretch to get a mic, stand and cable that is of good quality. You might fall into a good deal used but you also might get someone else's problem ........ look in the 125 pound price range and you can come up with something that will give good service. But my best advice is to ask almeriastrings, a member here, his sound equipment recommendation and reviews are top shelf.R/
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    Where will you be using this? Type of venue/situation? Do you need to connect to a PA system or an acoustic amplifier?
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