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    I've been lurking here forever. Hello everyone. I play in acoustic trio stuck somewhere in the Americana world...kind sorta bluegrassish with a bit of old time and Celtic. We used to do more bluegrass but it gets pretty hard getting 4 or 5 people to practice. I'm from Delano MN.

    I'm a licensed special education teacher. I've been lucky enough to be a small time professional musician every few years. Emphasis on small time

    I've used this site for years. So much good info.

    Anyhow here's our band on Public Television:
    Northfield NF5S
    Bayard Guitar bodied octave mandolin
    Gernandt Octave mandolin
    Crump B1 Bouzouki
    Davy Stuart Mandola

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    welcome (officially) to the café!
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    digging the sound of that Octave! welcome to the cafe

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    Welcome and your band sounds great. I really enjoyed it.

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    Welcome. Nice playing and singing by all and cool TV show for your state to do.
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