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    Anyone know of any jam sessions in the Jonesboro, Arkansas area? I grew up there, it's down time when I visit friends and relatives...but just can't go without a mandolin! I am familiar with the jams up at Mountain Home and the yearly Fiddler's Convention at the college in Harrison, but I'm looking something within Jonesboro itself...if ony a few people getting together to swap licks is fine by me. I have heard there is a group that meets once or twice a month, but the guy at the music store had no idea exactly where... I know there's two brothers in law enforcement there that sometimes get together with a group and play, but have not met them yet. Any info would be appreciated...THANKS!

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    If you're still interested I live in Jonesboro, AR. I play guitar and I've just started learning to play mandolin. I moved here from Memphis in February of 2020 and have yet not found anybody to jam with. They said that there was a jam in Bono Arkansas which is really close to here I think it was twice a month but the covid thing shut that down and I don't think it started back up.
    In the Memphis area they had the Memphis Bluegrass association and then there's another Bluegrass pickers thing that meets in collierville but just just east of Memphis it would be almost like a almost like part in Memphis but it's not. The one in collierville meets every Friday night during the warm months they meet and there's really nice park it's in the town square of collierville really nice places restaurants all around little shops and a yogurt place got to watch it they really cost you they charge by the pound. And the winter months they meet in the Methodist Church that's just east of the Walmart in the family center which toward the back of the church. During the winter there's not as many pickers that show up as there are when they play in the park
    Saturday's at noon the Memphis area Bluegrass association has a slow jam at Hope Presbyterian Church on Walnut Grove. It's on the second floor in the Sunday School classrooms. Sometimes and depending on who's there it's not quite a slow jam it until you get on pretty good once in a while but everybody's really nice and it's fun to play with them. Terrell low pressure atmosphere is that jam.
    There's also a old time music jam that happens in a Methodist Church right there on the Town square. If I'm not mistaken they only meet like once a month. I've played with them once I didn't see a whole lot of difference in their music and bluegrass the only thing is is nobody took a lead break everybody just had to play the melody you know. It was fun and the people were nice and they played well I really like their music it was it's hard to explain it's but it's real similar to bluegrass but they'll tell you in a heartbeat that their music is not bluegrass.
    The Memphis area Bluegrass association can be reached if you call the Memphis library and the number you want from the library is the link l i n k information line. They usually have a listings of different people that are playing and picking as a group not as a band but as a jam. Also the Memphis area Bluegrass association sometimes it has a different jams around town I know they go to Shelby Forest twice a year have a big picnic that doesn't cost anything because your dues covers it and then they have they jam out there all afternoon and some of those they're like a cabin but it's not it looks on camera is all the sides are all screens of mosquitoes don't eat your life and they have a fireplace and there's picnic tables in there so you can sit and eat and play.
    I used to go to all those when I lived in Memphis and since I moved here I really miss them you know you don't know what You got till it's gone right? You know how to write a song about that. I don't see why a blue Jonesboro doesn't have more interest in that kind of thing the small town about 70,000 you would think there would be players here maybe they've lost interest in playing because they think there's nobody to play with. You know I might just talk to those guys over BackBeat music which is probably who you talk to and maybe put up some kind of flyer seeing if people are interested in doing the Bluegrass jams. Hey since it's getting cooler you know we might could do it at my church or if that's not possible then maybe we could do it you know in my living room or something unless it gets too big I doubt it will though but it's a try. Good luck to you contact me if you're in Jonesboro or whatever and we get together brother.

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