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Thread: MTO vs Pava A4 or MT2O vs Ellis A4

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    Default MTO vs Pava A4 or MT2O vs Ellis A4

    Collings and more recently Ellis/Pava have gotten into the oval hole market. I am really curious how these instruments compare as far as tone. I would love to A/B them, but that is not really possible at this time. I know some of you go to the big shows and have played them. I am even interested in comparing the MTO with the MT2O and the Ellis A4 to the Pava A4 as far as tone. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: MTO vs Pava A4 or MT2O vs Ellis A4

    Here's Marc MacGlashan playing a Pava oval hole:
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    Default Re: MTO vs Pava A4 or MT2O vs Ellis A4

    You need to keep in mind the woods being used, especially with the Collings MT2O's as they use adirondack, italian, or engelmann and there is a big difference. There is also a difference in the maple being used. An MT has an engelmann top.

    I'm not a big fan of using sound files to do comparisons. There are too many variables, unless you can find someone that will do them in a controlled environment.
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