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Thread: Any tenor banjo players out there?

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    Default Any tenor banjo players out there?

    Hey Friends - For those of you who also play tenor banjo, you'll be interested to know that BanjoHangout just (as of yesterday) created a forum for 4-string tenor banjo players who play Irish Traditional Music and related styles. Over time it should mature and develop some topics that may interest some of my friends here. Come join us in the discussions if you play 4-string banjo or want to learn more about it. We've got a great group of people chatting it up there. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Any tenor banjo players out there?

    Noted! Many plunks!

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    Default Re: Any tenor banjo players out there?

    Thanks...I do play tenor banjo, but for Dixieland!

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    Default Re: Any tenor banjo players out there?

    Delighted to hear that - I had wanted to chime in over there re: my interest in such a section but I can't remember my banjo hangout password. As soon as I get it reset I'll be over there!
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    Default Re: Any tenor banjo players out there?

    Worth a look at.

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