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Thread: Little Maggie, John Reischman (anyone have tabs)?

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    Default Little Maggie, John Reischman (anyone have tabs)?

    I just realized I first posted this in the wrong subforum-anyone have tabs for this?

    I love this version. Any tabs out there?

    John Reischman's CD, 'Walk along John', last song #15 I think is "Little Maggie", it is not listed or titled on the CD insert.


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    Default Re: Little Maggie, John Reischman (anyone have tabs)?

    I love the tune as well and I've been trying to figure it out too. I think it is in the key of E. I am still trying to figure out all the melodic notes he plays. Have you found anything?

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    Default Re: Little Maggie, John Reischman (anyone have tabs)?

    Nice. Has a clawhammer feel to it. IMO tab would be scary on this - I'd try looping slowly and mimicking until I got the jest of it

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    Default Re: Little Maggie, John Reischman (anyone have tabs)?

    I transcribed this for a student of mine a while back, attached here. I've omitted lots of the open string picking on the A and E strings he plays during the tune (otherwise it looks more complex than it needs to), so agree with Mark that playing along will give a better impression of how to approach the piece with the right hand. Couple of bits might need tidying up but hopefully this'll get you started!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Little Maggie, John Reischman (anyone have tabs)?

    That's great to have a tab for the tune, what is better is to try and get the tune from the basic melody and then search for the sounds that Reischman gets. Along the way you will discover your way of playing it which is just as valid as his and more authentic for you. It is good to learn a few pieces by each player you admire and get them note for note to see into their way of thinking. You find however that if you have any creative juices in your core being, in a few months time you will have diverged from their way of playing it and will have found a new way, your way, of playing those pieces. The scariest thing I ever heard was a student who videoed me playing and got what I was doing note-for-note. She got over that and now sounds like herself. The most important thing is to keep playing and keep trying new things.

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