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Thread: DANIEL CARWILE tenor guitar - worth to get?

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    Default DANIEL CARWILE tenor guitar - worth to get?

    I've found these instructional videos today. There's no real free lesson there, so I'm in doubt. Do you think it's worth to subscribe the site and try those lessons?

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    Default Re: DANIEL CARWILE tenor guitar - worth to get?

    That seems like an very difficult question to answer!
    I have no idea if it is worth $30 a month for you to join?
    Mark Josephs offers a package of literature & one to one Skype lessons that might be better value...

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    Default Re: DANIEL CARWILE tenor guitar - worth to get?

    It looks like he's specifically teaching Texas-style: how to back up fiddle tunes and play lead breaks on them. So if you specifically want to learn Texas-style tenor, then sure, these lessons might be worth it. If you're looking to learn something else, then maybe not so much. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: DANIEL CARWILE tenor guitar - worth to get?

    I'm mostly into irish / bluegrass styles, but it's always nice to have additional trick in your pocket I was always fascinated by this style of backup and this quick chord changes

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    Default Re: DANIEL CARWILE tenor guitar - worth to get?

    It's good if you want to learn Texas/contest style accompaniment in CGDA tuning (there's nothing on playing lead). Daniel is a great Texas style fiddle player (and tenor guitarist).

    I think the intro and basic G, D, A progression videos are from an older DVD which you can buy from his website. They're around 15 - 20 minutes each. The others are mostly 5 - 10 minute videos of him teaching accompaniment for specific tunes. You can download a page and a half of chord shapes, but otherwise no tab or notation.

    It's a great site if you play fiddle and want to learn Texas style. If you only play tenor guitar and want to learn Texas style backup it's still probably worth it for a month (or two) if you can learn it all. It's about two hours worth of videos in total.

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    Default Re: DANIEL CARWILE tenor guitar - worth to get?

    Daniel is one of the best musicians I know, and he is also one of the best teachers I know. I don't really know how all that translates to recorded lessons, and as others have said, it is specifically Texas fiddle backup, but as for Daniel's qualifications, I'd say no problem there.

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