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Thread: Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

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    Default Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

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    Default Re: Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

    Really nice! Waiting for her solo electric jazz album to drop... More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

    That was just perfect.

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    Default Re: Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

    Very nice indeed. I'm coming around to the idea that my 8-string mandocaster ought to be a 4-string. Here we go again.....

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    Default Re: Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

    I picked up a four string mandocaster (not a sixties model!) and it gets a lot more attention when the mood for electric comes knocking than my eight string Mandobird. On the odd ocassion I play for other people I'll use the Mandobird simply because I'm proud of eight and don't want my instrument mistaken for something else (if you know what i mean) but for personal satisfaction, the Fender doeas it.
    Sierra plays beautifully, the hours of practice have given her a feel for her mandolins that few of us could ever dream of reaching - thanks for sharing this video.

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    Default Re: Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

    Sierra Hull's new CD, Weighted Mind, due to be released on January 29, 2016, was produced by Bela Fleck. And, she studied at Berklee with John McCann and others. So who knows, maybe a jazz CD, solo or otherwise, might be ...

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    Default Re: Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

    Fantastic! This is exactly what I had in mind when I started the thread below, "Hot Shot Players on E Mando."

    And add me to the line of people eagerly awaiting her electric jazz album.

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    Default Re: Sierra Hull on Fender Mandocaster

    Re-visited this today after Ronnie's mandocaster solo recently, and Elderly's posting of a mandocaster for sale, etc. ... I love Sierra's Facebook videos to her fans, just awesome.
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