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Thread: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

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    Default Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    For those of you that jumped to the end of this thread, I am still giving away the ebook. It's my small way of giving back to the music world that has brought me so much pleasure. :-)

    Over the past nine years I have given away over 10,000 copies of the book! How cool is that? If you want a copy, just email me at and put Mandolin Setup in the subject line. If you feel like writing me a note I enjoy reading them, but there is no requirement for that.

    If you can do something nice for someone else this week, that would be more than enough payment...


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    Default Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    Hello Rob,

    Thanks for doing this !

    I just joined and sent out the request mail, looking forward to read the pdf as i want to get the most out of my instrument.

    Have a nice day !

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    Default Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    Hi Rob

    Have to admit I'm one of those guilty for not saying thanks (till now) for your excellent e-book ,even though you replied to me the next day.

    My excuse is that I took some time on deciding on a beginner's mandolin and don't want to see e-bay again for a long, long time. You are entirely correct in the point you made about the passion of some of the users on this site . When I spotted an instrument I thought would be okay, I searched name and model on this site to see what others thought. Some of the comments nearly put me off bothering with a mandolin entirely. However , I stuck with it and eventually got one and I'm happy with it.

    Anyway, a belated thanks and a confirmation that an instrument in the 200 (GBP) bracket can sound sweet,
    thanks to your excellent e-book.

    Slainte. May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

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    Default Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    Hello Rob, Thank you so much for the e book! I just bought my first mandolin in May, and my second one in July. I have been afflicted with GAS, which is still quite active, PAS , picks.. , and am well on my way to MAS. My first 2 mandolins were imports, so I am certain I will not be satisfied until I own a good American made instrument. The pandemic isolation, and a desire to learn a new instrument brought me to this wonderful website, and many others I might add. It has also taken me back to my roots, as my paternal Grandparents played guitar and mandolin in the teens and twenties, and my maternal Grandma used to host weekend get togethers in her home on Prince Edward Island where they played traditional Scotch Irish music. Anyway, thank you sir for the book, it is very much appreciated. You have single handedly put a stop to my lurker status.

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    Default Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    Hey Rob - thank you for sending the book promptly today after I requested it this morning. I managed to use the information to counter the effects of relatively high humidity and a failed AC unit in North Carolina this evening. Primo!

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    Default Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    Another thumbs up for "The Book." Solid information and great tips for getting the job done right.
    Thank you Rob for providing this handy guide for the mandolin community!
    “Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away with them. Now we face the question whether a still higher ‘standard of living’ is worth its cost in things natural, wild and free.” -- Aldo Leopold

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    Default Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    Rob, thanks so much for the quick reply and sending me the book. I've been playing mandolin for about six years and have a very nice Northfield... which is NOT what I'm going to be experimenting on. However, I also have a couple of low-end mandos that I use for things like keeping at my cabin and carrying on trips on my motorcycle. I'm really looking forward to working on these and seeing if I can get them more playable.
    Nothing will turn an instrument that costs a couple of hundred dollars into one that costs a couple of thousand, but I expect they will be much more playable after the work.
    Thanks again for your generosity.
    Steve Barnett

    Northfield 4th Gen F5
    Stagg (for throwing on the back of the motorcycle,
    camping at the beach, or using for kindling)

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