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Thread: Ron Oates Lack of Customer Service

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    Really, gents.

    WAAAY too much personal attacks, both unwelcome and irrelevant, including some from people who have no vested interest whatsoever in the outcome of this issue.

    Take it outside, fellas.

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    I've said this before and will say it again. If you don't have a vested financial interest in this discussion, stay out of it. A couple of recent posts are in violation of our posting guidelines and will not be tolerated further.

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    Hi everyone-
    No, I haven't REALLY given up yet.

    Ron Oates is still in Boulder making mandolins, and (as pointed out earlier in this thread) selling them on craigslist. #Ron also has a court appearance on August 13th, since he was just served again yesterday.

    Claire Hunter now has good addresses for him at home AND at his shop. #If Ron owes you money (or a mandolin) give her a call. #If he shows on the 13th you can have him served there while he's settling my case. #If he doesn't show, well, none of us are that much worse off than we were on August 12th. # #

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    Default Re: Ron Oates Lack of Customer Service

    Wow!! I did not know that Ron had so many issues with customers. Have they been resolved?

    I sent Ron money over 2 month ago for an oud, listed on, and I have not received my oud. I have left messages on his phone. He returned one call about a month ago which was pleasant and reassuring but I have not talked to him since.

    I called the Better Business Bureau in Denver. They show a Rono Strings with an address and phone number in Boulder. The same place I sent my USPS Money Order via the Postal Service overnight with the same number I have been calling.They told me that no one has filed a complaint against Ron with them.

    Will he eventually deliver?

    Other than filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, is there any thing I can do to either get my oud or my money?

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    Default Re: Ron Oates Lack of Customer Service

    Sure, contact the police in the town he lives or does business in and file a complaint. Talk to your local police department as well. Read back a few messages I believe you'll find a police contact that is familiar with the man.

    Folks, Please take the time to read the last message that Scott posted on this thread before before joining this discussion.
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    Thumbs down Re: Ron Oates Lack of Customer Service

    Given the deposit that was paid [and nothing received] , and the lack of response from anywhere in the Boulder Colorado PD & DA, I noted some one selling a Brand new Ronno, so I just Had to as them if they knew where he was these days , I guess it's not Bolivia?
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    Default Re: Ron Oates Lack of Customer Service

    I ran across a Rono advertised on Craigslist a couple months ago, and emailed the seller about it because I was curious. Turned out to be Ron, who told me that he had several more for sale as well.

    This makes me quite glad that I didn't bite for that one. It wasn't all that nice looking anyway - one of his real basic models - but sounds like I probably would have been out a few hundred from it, anyway.
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    Default Re: Ron Oates Lack of Customer Service

    so, about a year or so ago i moved across the country. i'm finally organizing my office and i just came across my old rono stuff. i figured i'd call claire hunter and see if she had heard anything from ron lately. turns out that he no longer has his shop and he moved out of his trailer and currently owes his landlord over ten grand.

    i still have a bench warrant for him which i had never executed because i just didn't see the point of having him tossed in the slammer for a day or two. i mean, he can't build me a mandolin in the joint. claire said that she would see if the warrant was still good, but obviously if he doesn't have an address there's no way they can go pick him up.

    just wanted to let my fellow sufferers know that at this point ron not only owes people mandolins, but also lots and lots of money. i played two of his instruments a few years ago and they were great. it's too bad. i mean, it's too bad what happened to my money, but i had to let that go a couple of years ago. it's too bad what happened to ron. if he had just delivered instruments to people he could have made a great living for himself.

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    Default Re: Ron Oates Lack of Customer Service

    I met Ron Oates at the NW String Summit 2009 and purchased a mandolin from him. I had no idea he had this kind of reputation.

    I think he had plans of coming back next year if anybody wants to catch up with him.

    This is a killer venue and event anyway, well worth the trip to Oregon!

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    Default Re: Ron Oates Lack of Customer Service

    Quote Originally Posted by Chishfarf View Post
    Quote removed by Moderator?
    Sounds like you posted in the wrong forum...
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