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    The seller has sent me this extra bit of information which makes a lot of sense for obvious reasons:

    "To satisfy my curiosity, I used this instrument as an excuse to buy one of those narrow inspection cameras, to see what lay behind the bridge inside the body. I am happy to say that there is a sturdy wooden support plate, which explains why the bridge is still there after a century!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickR View Post
    Sue, you ought to as well as a Sue! I decided I needed some to fix a case and experimented with it on the mandolin. There are other cracks on the board that have been filled with something that is not black- but removing it was going to do more harm than good, so it is still there and is visible in the photo. A chunk of the board end was missing by the nut due to previous activity and I was able to work it in with a sharp knife. Ideally I would have had the Sugru when I fitted the nut as it would have been a far better time to do the job- but that got me thinking and I had the case to fix which needed plenty.
    I am thinking that if I can find a piece of material that has a similar texture, that I might try it for case repair. I could use it to imprint a correct/similar texture on the repair area. I've intended to go check it out at the fabric shop, but haven't gotten to it yet.
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    You might be able to push material over a repair before it sets hard to give the glued a roughish texture- otherwise it will be smooth. I have used Sugru over quite large areas and although it has a different surface texture the case has looked infinitely better as I have worked the glue under the loose edges of the covering and then covered the exposed wood with the glue. As I mentioned a while back, where the covering is worn and threadbare, the Sugru beefs it up and stops it disintegrating further.

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    Sue, I’ve sometimes used repair kits for vinyl upholstery especially automotive. The kits contain little tubs of compound in colors and ‘graining papers’ which are fabrics imprinted with common patterns. I’ve forgotten whether heat is involved, but things like cigarette damage can mostly become invisible.
    If the texture you want to reproduce isn’t in the kit, you can make your own graining paper by molding something like silicone rubber from an undamaged area, then using on on the patch. If you have nothing else to do for a few hours.

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