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Thread: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

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    Default Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    I received sampler #1 a couple days ago, and have been going through the amazing amount of picks in these bags. I've used a lot of these picks over the years, and it has been a good exercise to revisit some of them. So far, the blue chip CT-55 and the Hawk SB have been the standouts on my instruments, and I have been playing all the picks on all three: 2002 Rigel A+ Deluxe, 1925 Gibson A2-Z and late 1930s-early 1940s Kalamazoo KM 21. Specifically, I find the Hawk to really work well on my Kalamazoo. It also works on the other two, but seems to make a more noticeable difference in tone on the KM 21. The blue chip has a "full" but clear tone on all of my instruments. My preferred pick for the past 10 years or so is a Wegen Dipper, and I'm not sure any of these would have me getting off of it. For me, the wooden picks, horn picks and picks less than 1.25 thick do not work well or give me the sound I am looking for. Right now, I think I will still opt for my Wegen Dipper (have been looking at the hawk website though , but I'm going to continue to experiment until I receive instructions for who is to get this treasure trove next - I will be adding 1 or 2 picks to this already overwhelming selection. Many thanks for this great opportunity!

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    Default Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Hey folks!

    I received Sampler #2 last week and WOW was I surprised by the variety and quality of picks to try out!

    I'm a beginner, and I'm one of the guys you read about that is frustrated about keeping the pick in my hand while playing. I get sweaty hands very easily, and even when it's not shooting off somewhere, the picks I've been using seem to have a tendency to rotate between my thumb and index finger while playing.

    Going through all these different picks showed me so many different options and differences in tone, attack, and stability.

    The ones I liked best:

    Coconut rounded triangles with thumb indent
    Gravity 60 Classic
    V-Pick Medium P
    Plec D'Andrea 1.5mm with a slight curvature
    Dava Control
    Dava Control by Dave Storey
    Cool Thin Triangle .6mm
    Tusc BA 1.00

    Now I've got to write a shopping list

    I didn't see anyone on the latest list under me, is there anyone waiting for the #2 sampler that I didn't see?

    Thanks for this amazing idea! I'm glad to be a part of it, and added

    Wedgie Rubber 3.1mm Med
    Fender Extra Heavy
    Pickboy Nytro .75mm


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    Default Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    I would love to be put on the list but don't know how it works. I have been a very appreciative lurker on this site since starting to play mando 2 years ago. The Cafe has been so helpful with getting started, playing tips, listening tips, and even choice of my first good instrument (used Collings that I can't put down). Anyway just a bit of info since I have not had anything to contribute yet but hope I still qualify...
    thanks to all the Cafe,

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    Default Re: The Traveling Pick Sampler - Anyone Interested?

    Hi, I got to see these a few years ago, but would like to be added to both lists. Thanks,

    AKA "golfunit"

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