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Thread: clip on dynamic mics

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    Default clip on dynamic mics

    Anyone have any experience using clip on dynamics like beyerdynamic? I play in two bands- a trad-grass where a straight mic works well, but also in a LOUD thrashy jammy kind of string band where feedback is killer and volume is needed. My PU took a poop on me. Our banjo player in the loud band uses a (cheapo) clip on condenser that is nothing but (literal) headaches with this bands setup (frequently competing with guit & bass through amps while mando/banjo just use in-house monitors. I have an amp, too but it usually doesnt help much. And no, they wont turn down... ever.

    Anyone with any personal experience greatly appreciated! (Also looking at the K&K or AT clip on condensers but dynamic seems to attract me more from my straight mic experience. I usually use a Beta 87a condenser for my other band happily but doesnt cut the mustard in both environments.


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    Default Re: clip on dynamic mics

    Not cheap but I use a Sony ECM77. Great in 'tame' environments, and doesn't need much fader due to the integral preamp. But when it's noisy I poke it through a hole in a blind grommet and mic it from inside the lower f hole (the grommet fits really well) you could give that a go. The other thin I've done is to make a cowl from bluetak to shield the audience side when it's suspended in the normal outside position. Both 'quick and dirty' solutions as I rarely play noisy places and prefer to just use the condenser to allow a close mic along with the main ones.

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    Default Re: clip on dynamic mics

    Must confess I have only run into these when attached to a drum kit (dynamic clip on mics), so can't really predict how they'd be in mandolin. Seem to recall the ones I encountered were some Sennheiser model, this one, as far as I can remember.

    VERY low output! Needed high gain on the preamps. All I can say is I did not feel the urge to investigate further.

    Truly, I think if you dealing with very high stage volumes, I'd take the easy route. K&K Piezo (or similar). When it gets really loud, no-one is going to be able to tell a decent piezo from a vintage KM-54 anyway...
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    Default Re: clip on dynamic mics

    Shure , a Dynamic lavallièr mic was mentioned on this Forum , before ..

    Condenser lavallières are more often used because they Miniaturize better ..

    and get combined with a wireless transmitter, one battery running both.
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