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    Default He got me with a zinger (oldie but goodie) -

    We are doing some long distance recording; i.e., we email wav files around and put them into recording software, me Audacity or Reaper, them, GarageBand or Korg, and it sort of works.

    I got a new mic, and sent tracks to the guy who does the mixing. On the phone he said, "Wow, your mandolin sounds really great!", I of course replied, thanks, pal I really appreciate it.

    He said "And your playing is starting to get better, too"


    The mic is a Rode NT USB, and does a surprisingly good job of single track input through Windows to these PC based recording tools. About $170. Amazon sells them. I use the supplied screen and play a foot or ten inches away.

    Also, a tip on latency comes with the mic which is such a no brainer, but I didn't think of it.

    Create a click track. Play the click track back to your mic through headphones held next to the mic. You only need to record a few measures.

    Zoom in and use the graphics to measure the time between the start of the click on the original track and on the recorded track; that is the latency. Mine was 140 ms. I used the auto latency correct in Audacity and it cleaned up nicely. More detailed instructions and examples available with Google search.

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    Default Re: He got me with a zinger (oldie but goodie) -

    Good tip! Thanks for sharing, from those who haven't tried it yet!

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