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Thread: Vintage mandolin - fitting new strings

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    Default Re: Vintage mandolin - fitting new strings

    Thanks to acousticphd = makes good points - I tried to use a computer-drawn green line just to show what "close" might look like - my mouseclick target was roughly top of the zero fret to the far edge of the existing bridge - it's a ballpark idea only - close!! As you go below that, it's all trial and error.

    Your existing bridge has 2 feet. Another option is flat = 0 feet, or 1 foot, all flat fitted to top. A 1 foot cannot collapse.!! (the dark side = the top can settle or collapse) (not likely on yours). Red Henry got better sound w 2 feet at a certain spacing - which varies w mando to mando. But with a short 2foot bridge, it can bend (sag) under the load - maybe?? - if so, the 2-feet can bend UPWARDS at the OUTER edges - don't ask how I learned this.

    The point re adjusting first fret is also a good point, but I would flatfile all frets lightly with a very flat file, and restore crowns with light samding, or a small file - see - about refretting, fret dressing, crowning - tons of info at that site.
    Even tho the frets look good - you can "dress" them perfectly. (you are going to love your mandolin).
    Also the ZEROfret is a few thousandths of an inch HIGHER than the first fret - or - much debated point, it's exactly the same as the first - a few hairs high won't be a problem. (got feeler gauges?)

    Until you have done all this stuff, it's a challenge. There's a lot involved. Mostly it's gathering info and then apply it. Do the research. Don't be too upset if you have to do it twice to master it. With the experience, you can do your own setups, on any mandolin, guitar, etc etc. Do the research!!!!!!!!!
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