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Thread: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

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    Default Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    Rory Gallagher died 20 years ago today.

    There's been a lot of his mandolin on Irish radio in the last 24 hrs.

    For those who don't know him :

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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    Awesome - thanks! His passing was a sad day. i can't believe it has been 20 years - time flies.

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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    DES; thanks so much for starting this thread.
    Rory Gallagher remains the greatest live performer I have ever seen...By a very wide margin.
    I'll make a point of remembering him today.
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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    Fantastic on guitar, as well. RIP Rory.

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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    What a loss! Killer musician no matter what instrument he was playing. I'll second Ed, the best live performer I ever saw.

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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    I'll add my voice to those expressing sorrow while commemorating the passing of a great musician. I own several of his albums, and while I haven't listened to them in years (same as all my LPs, being in deep storage) nor listened to them much at all (acquired with the bulk of my collection during those heady years when CDs were replacing LPs which were being resold cheaply), I remember liking what I heard.

    I must confess to ignorance as to the extent of his mandolin playing. I remember him as a rock guitarist with a strong blues influence, and a solid singer as well - somewhat in the Johnny Winter mold. I wasn't aware of his use of the mandolin until I came here in 2007, and every now and then someone would rave about this. As far as I can recall, only one song was mentioned, "Going To My Hometown," presented in youtube clips of various live performances. Curious to learn why he was referred to in such glowing terms, and why it was always in reference to this song, I did some searching to find others. I've had a really hard time finding anything. When I saw this thread, I thought I'd give it another try - still came up empty. Then I thought to see what the mandos in rock thread had in the list there, and I found these:

    Rory Gallagher - Brute Force and Ignorance
    Rory Gallagher - Going To My Hometown
    Rory Gallagher - I'm Not Surprised
    Rory Gallagher - Leaving Town Blues

    To my dismay, youtube clips of album cuts showed only "Going To My Home Town" and "Leaving Town Blues" have mandolin on them. I do not mean to disparage him or his music in anyway, especially not when we are celebrating his life by commemorating his death, but I am trying to understand what this is all about. If someone can enlighten me - and others, of course - about any other songs of his which feature mandolin I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. And those other two are coming off the list next time I edit it, unless someone can show they should be included.

    And RIP, Rory Gallagher.
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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    Eddie, after hearing that, I really wish I had been there...

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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    I saw Rory play live sometime around 1977 or '78. I believe it was at the Royal Oak Music Theater. I don't remember him playing mandolin, but he was a monster on guitar.
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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    I was lucky enough to have a couple of evenings jamming with him in Ireland way back when I was a teenager learning guitar. He was very generous of spirit and I still use the riffs he taught me to this day.

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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    Just started playing the Mandolin, I`m looking for the tableture of "Going to my home town" by Rory Gallagher, can anyone help/ Cheers

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    Default Re: Rory Gallagher - 20th Anniversary

    You can get started here.

    The tab is here.
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