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    Hello everyone, I've been checking this forum for quite sometime now and really enjoy it. I've been into tenor guitar for a few years now and thought I'd share a video of me playing my newly acquired 56 Guild tenor. I really love this guitar, especially the cutaway feature. I have the sister to this guitar, a thinbody two pickup version, but its just a shell. Don't have the means to restore it just yet. Anyway I like seeing and hearing about everyones tenors.

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    hmmm....I dont know how this video thing works yet, heres the addy

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    Lovely playing, and lovely guitar!

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    Very pretty guitar!

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    I like the guitar and the logs.
    Dave Schneider

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    Thanks folks!

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    Bravo David. I liked the Cherokee clip and your earlier Lady is a Tramp clip also.


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    Gosh, that is lovely. I've got a '58 Guild T100 that would be wonderful companion for this one. Don't you love those Franz pickups? They are like a dry martini . . .

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    Thank You Scott, and Thank You Scot, I really appreciate that. Yep, those pickups are great. The one dial on the A string seems a little weak on this one. I tweaked it as much as I could, does anyone happen to know where or how to refurbish these pickups?


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