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Thread: Happy 70th Birthday, David Grisman

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    Default Re: Happy 70th Birthday, David Grisman

    Post 100 accomplished above!!! I'm sure word will get to the Dawg.
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    Default Re: Happy 70th Birthday, David Grisman

    What beautiful tributes and well wishes to read of a truly beautiful person. Happy Big 70 Mr. Dawg & many more. I can never thank you adequately for your gift of "Dawg" to this world and to me personally. This gift will endure the ages and will continue to inspire, delight and awe forever . . . . . TO THE DAWG!!!!!!
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    Default Re: Happy 70th Birthday, David Grisman

    Almost time for David Grisman's 71st birthday!

    Reading over the other comments, longer and shorter, I wanted to add about being at the Mandolin Symposium for
    many of the 12 times, and when John Reischman was there (during Bill Monroe's 100th birthday year) he and David played
    "the North Shore" by John, and it was really amazing! Both mandolinists played with such feeling.

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    Default Re: Happy 70th Birthday, David Grisman

    Another trip around the sun! Happy birthday, Dawg.

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