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    What are some good classical tunes that you all recomend in tab please? It can be in tabedit or in text. I have been stumped on what tunes to start learning. So what tunes do you all recommend. Nothing like 10 pages long though. I dont have time for them that long.

    Please post links so i can go directly there. Thanks!

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    Here are a couple of tunes I like:

    It depends on your skill level, but these should be pretty easy to get down if I can play them

    Let me know what you think of them.

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    Parts of the cello suites are very nice when arranged for violin/mandolin. As I'm sure you have been told... tab will limit your choices since there is a ton of music playable on mandolin but written in std notation.


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    Thanks Buckley. I went ahead and printed out Bach's Menuet in G minor. Pretty little toon. I havnt tried it yet though because ive been reading around here. Will try it tonight. Thanks.

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