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Thread: Thank you cafe classifieds!

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    Default Thank you cafe classifieds!

    I just wanted to acknowledge what a wonderful experience I've had on the classifieds here at the cafe. Since joining this forum and making routine visits to the site, I have purchased hundreds of dollars' worth of picks, instructional material, CDs, and DVDs. I've never had a single issue or problem with any seller, always received the item promptly and in the as-advertised condition. Most recently I bought a few of the Bear Family boxed sets of Bill Monroe's music from the classifieds. I didn't think twice about sending over $200 up front to a complete stranger, and without a hitch the shipment arrived within a week and the boxed sets - CDs, liner notes, and outer packaging - might as well have been brand new except there was no shrink wrap. Of course my wife can't understand why we need to own over a dozen CDs of Bill Monroe's music, but that's my cross to bear. Thank you again to every seller I've dealt with in these classifieds. It's been a pleasure doing business with you!
    "Well, I don't know much about bands but I do know you can't make a living selling big trombones, no sir. Mandolin picks, perhaps..."

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    Default Re: Thank you cafe classifieds!

    That's great, Mike, but be careful. I had nothing but great experiences on the classifieds and then I had a extremely lousy one, probably because I'd been lulled into a false sense of security.

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    By and large, this is a good place to do business, thanks to Scott Tichenor and the folks who monitor the Classifieds.
    My experiences have been positive as an occasional seller, and met some very fine folks in person who recently bought my Pick-N-Glider and another local gentleman who bought a Kentucky KM-172 I had for sale.
    You're certainly safest with a seller who is active here both as a seller and Forum participant. I suggest you speak with the seller when buying a larger ticket item. I just purchased my first vintage instrument through a friend of a Cafe friend here. Thanks, Jim and John.
    Bravo Cafe!
    "Music is the only noise for which one is obliged to pay." ~ Alexander Dumas

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    This whole site is a model of what a internet community should be. The classifieds are well run, policed, and give you hints to verify who you are talking to. The discussion boards are well monitored and are not dominated by a single person (or group of people) that stifle discussions. Free expression of ideas is encouraged but personal attacks are quickly locked down.

    All of this contributes to a sense of community. This community feeling is transferred into every dealing that I've ever had in the classifieds, either as buyer or seller. As a buyer, I've always been treated more than fair. As a seller, I try to go the extra mile to make sure that my buyer gets a good deal.

    That is way it should work as a rule everywhere. As you all know, in reality, not so much.

    Pete Braccio

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    Default Re: Thank you cafe classifieds!

    I am echoing those who are thanking the Cafe, and in particular the Classifieds. An excellent resource. The MC is the best online forum I have participated in-- the format, the organization, the content and the participants are the best!
    Dan Brooks
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    Default Re: Thank you cafe classifieds!

    Love the classifieds here too! Im always sure to donate to the MC, if even a couple bucks, to keep it going. I always have after a sale, & have a few times after purchases.
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    I recently had a very positive selling experience here on the MC classifieds, only a few tire kickers before the buyer showed up, communication between us both was timely, forthright and money and mando were exchanged exactly as promised. The single weak link in the whole transaction was the USPS who took an extra day (3 days actual when 2 days were promised) to deliver to the buyer in WA state. Not so bad methinks. I window shop the classifieds several times a day and admit to being hooked. Great job and thank you Scott!!!

    Len B.
    Clearwater, FL

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