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    has anyone used these in a duet? the ads pimps them as having "excellent vocal quality."

    how about a guitar and mando sharing for the ultimate miminimalist set up?

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    I have one of the old 55S. I contacted Sure to see about getting a different cartridge to go in it to use in a Bluegrass band. It turns out that the mike is too small for the better new sure cartridges to fit inside, so the one they are using isn't the best. I've also talked to people who use them in "oldies" bands, and they say you have to work them really close because they don't pick up as well as 57s or 58s.

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    oh wow, thanks. so my idea probably wont fly. I found one in a store, I am gonna go in there with little PA and try it.

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    what is it I am looking for, a broadcast mic? large dia..?
    I want real broad pickup

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    I have one of these new ones, and have tried it in a single microphone trio - it can work, but is no where near as sensitive as my condenser (AT 4033). I use it for vocals when we use separate mics, but I'm not sure it is even as sensitive as a regular SM-58. I like the look, though. I still carry it as a spare for a single mic situation.

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