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    Default I got one.

    New to having a mandolin but after the input of this forum and reviews I have read, I came across a Kentucky KM-250 that was built in 2012. I purchased it for $165.50 in an online auction. From what I have read this should be a keeper. What strings would you recommend for a more woody full sound rather than being so bright? I need to find someone to do a good setup on it for a fair price in the Billings Mt area. I was considering purchasing a Snark SN2 tuner to help keep it in tune, any opinions on this tuner? Thanks in advance for any input or opinions.

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    Quite a few people on here give the Snark tuner a good for strings I use the GHS A-270`s and like the sound of them but different mandolins sound different with different strings so you will most likely have to try a lot of brands to find what you yourself like, people look for a lot of different sounds in their instruments so you will probably get a hundred answers as to what string brand you should use, some sound better for bluegrass others sound better for Celtic and or jazz, I don`t believe anyone can tell you what string is best without them trying some different makes on your mandolin, so go for it and try a lot of them...

    Good luck.....Willie

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    I like the Daddario mini tuners. And you can buy them in a two pack. I like that theyre accurate, and they dont stick out like a sore thumb when attached to the headstock.

    I agree with ghs being great strings, but maybe you should also try gibson sam bush monels. They are darker and woodier for sure. Or also if you dont play bluegrass, you may really like the d'addario FW74s. Theyre flatwound so theyre easier to play, and they have a much smoother less bright tone. Definitely not a bluegrass kind of string though

    Billings isnt far from Bozeman, I dont know the area well but im quite sure there are many choices for great setup people in that area and someone here will know of one
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    I wore out a snark. the pivot points are plastic balls and when they get loose you have to hold it to read the vibration... just packed mine with shoe goo... my lady just got me an apex. it is smaller and sticks out less but bigger, easier to read screen (easier in bright light too). seems pretty accurate.
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    Default Re: I got one.

    Nice congrats on the Kentucky! I hear good things about Planet Wave's Mini
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    I use D'Addario J75s on my mandos and when I owned my Kentucky KM150, they worked nicely; and the instrument had a nice tone about it!...Have fun!
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    I like the Snark, works great and cheap enough to have one in each case. They won't take a beating, but, still, they're like $12 or something. For strings I would suggest trying D'Addario J74s, which are sort of popular middle-of-the-road string, and then trying some other sets once they wear out. You've just got to experiment with string brands until you find something you like. Congratulations on your Kentucky, that was a smart buy.

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    Default Re: I got one.

    What Willie said.
    My last mandolin loved J74's, my current mandolin, not so much. It likes monels. So as Willie suggested, try some different sets and go with what YOU like best!

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    Another vote for the Bush strings. Every mandolin I've owned that was too bright got a set put on them. Instant woody, for the mandolin, anyway. Plus, they come with extras for the lighter strings that break most often. If I was you, I'd order several types from Juststrings, and try different gauges and materials. They have really fast shipping, good folks. Frank
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    You have what is probably a very nice mando and though you think the sound is a little "bright" I suspect that you are worrying about the wrong thing. You can drive yourself nuts by string hopping before you really know how to play comfortably. (I assume you are new to the mandolin.)

    I know you are excited and you should be, but something like a D'Darrio medium weight should be about right you at your stage. It is probably suited for the average learner and until you learn what the average is, going into specialized strings or a variety of string brands is expensive and confusing.

    If your instrument hasn't been set up by the previous owner it should be done... But are you sure it hasn't been set up?

    if your strings are roughly the thickness of a sheet of computer printing paper above the first fret then the nut is likely in adjustment. But if much more than that it probably has not been set up. If it has already been set up it is a waste of money. Make sure you have a problem before trying to solve it. A set up will run you roughly $50 - $70 or more. So make sure you need it.

    You might want to get a strap unlessyou plan to only play seated. I find a strap kind of useless and annoying because I seldom play standing.

    Anyway welcome to the group. You should have lots of fun and can learn a lot from the free stuff already on this site or Youtube.

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